Basma Hotel is ready for your next stay, whenever you are ready to travel. 

We are committed to welcoming you with the highest standard of cleanliness, when you are ready to visit Aswan.

Your safety comes first

Your Health, Our Priority.

Your health and safety are of our highest concern. We want you to feel our hospitality in every moment of your stay, but also feel how our concern for your safety is reflected in our care for you. The management and staff teams are taking all the measures possible to ensure you stay healthy during your stay. The following are a few of the measures our teams are taking to keep you safe:

Public Spaces

Public areas have been reengineered to space everyone apart and keep you safe. We have spaced out chairs, seating areas, sun beds, and dining tables to ensure your safety. We have also closed recreational areas for kids to further ensure their safety.

Temperature Checks

Everyone in the hotel will have their temperature checked via contact-less thermometers twice daily. This includes, guests, staff, and administration personnel.

Mask Usage

Masks are mandatory in all public areas of the hotel. To ensure your safety, everyone on our team will be wearing a mask.

Guest Rooms

Guest rooms have been equipped with sanitary equipment to allow you to constantly disinfect your personal belongings. 

Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizer gel and spray bottles are located conveniently in all public areas of the hotel.

Social Distancing

Throughout our hotel, we have placed signs to promote keeping a safe distance between everyone in the building. Signs are also included on the hotel floors for any lines formed.

Cleaning Technology

Since the onset of the coronavirus, we’ve searched for the best cleaning technology to keep everyone in the hotel safe. We have equipped our staff with the best eco-friendly detergents and cleaning agents. The hotel also purchased electrostatic fogging disinfecting machines to clean all rooms and public areas.

Payment Technology

The hotel is equipped with contactless payment systems to limit the use of cash and ensure your safety. From the reception to the cafes and restaurants, we’ve got you safe and covered.

Food Safety

Chefs, waiters, and supervisors are trained on food safety and will constantly conduct inspections. Our mission is to ensure that all our guests enjoy a delicious meal without a single worry in mind.

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